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Ultimate Kids’ Summer Bucket List: 10 Things To Do This Season


Sarah Luft
Brand Associate, Marketing & Communications  


Summer is here! And, somehow, it always manages to fly by. So, we turned to the summer (camp) professionals to make the most of it. Here are 10 things for kids to enjoy this season. 


1. Enjoy ice cream and cake

We’re referring to the song, because what better way to celebrate the start of summer than to dance it out?! We also love the food. Ben & Jerry’s Tonight Dough, we’re coming for you. 


2. Try one new thing


Whether it’s roller skating, painting, or going to camp for the first time, it will get your child out of their comfort zone and into their stretch zone. And that’s where all the magic happens. 


3. Write a kind note


Just because. Then leave it somewhere for a stranger to happen across. Your child’s kindness will make someone’s day, and there are few things more powerful than that.


4. Spend time in nature


Earth isn’t a place to visit, she’s our home. Spend time outside, even if it’s for a few hours. You can find a list of some fun and accessible playgrounds here. In true camp fashion, we can’t write this without the following reminder: Lather on the sunscreen!

5. Make time for a Cabin Chat


You don’t need a cabin. Set aside a few minutes to talk about your highs and lows of the day—and what you’re looking forward to tomorrow. You can tailor the questions based on age: it’s a good rule of thumb that more guided questions work better for younger children, while open-ended discussions resonate well with older kids. Regardless of age, the goal is to create a safe space where all feelings are acknowledged or validated. 


6. Find a pen pal


It could be a cousin, neighbor, or camp friend. Whoever it is, break out the snail mail. Getting that first letter back a week or two later will be nothing short of exciting (and a reminder that sometimes the best things take time).


7. Recreate stage night at home


It’s time to shine! Give your young friends creative license to bring stage night home and put on a show in the living room. It might make a mess, but we promise it’s worth it: a small confidence boost can go a long way.


8. Host no-hands spaghetti dinner

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Summer is for breaking the rules…sometimes. At least that’s the case for no-hands spaghetti. Get silly and recreate the camp classic at home (but please, don’t wear white).


9. Give back


Have the kids brainstorm ways they can give back to their community. Whether they volunteer their time, bust open their piggy banks, or donate their old stuff, a generous act is never wasted. 


10. Practice gratitude


For one week, take five minutes at bedtime and have the kids jot down or share three things they’re grateful for. Practicing gratitude is linked to all sorts of health benefits and improved mood. Give it a go—it’s that simple! 



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