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Our Leadership

Meet the “Makers of Fun”.
Seriously dedicated.
Seriously determined.

Fun doesn’t just happen, it takes a large group of hardworking, committed people to make sure things run smoothly. Below is the list of our dedicated leadership and support teams that help keep the smiles coming!


  • Maurice Pratt
  • Blake Maher
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Donald J. Gogel
    Vice Chair
  • Justin Fusaro
  • John M. Forester


  • Page Adler
    The Painted Turtle, CA
  • Wale Akinwande
  • Carolyn Bechtel
    Victory Junction, NC
  • Michael Bender
  • Emad Bibawi
  • Peter Corsell
  • Charlie Crew
    Double H Ranch, NY
  • Joe Cronly
    Over The Wall, UK
  • Margaret Crotty
  • Matthew Denenberg
    North Star Reach, MI
  • Eric Feldstein
  • John Frascotti
  • Andy Fry
    Camp Korey, WA
  • Anne Heraty
    Barretstown, Ireland
  • Fran Horowitz
  • Nicholas Kabcenell
    Bátor Tábor, Hungary
  • Greg Kaiser
    Camp Boggy Creek, FL
  • Eric Karp
  • Somesh Khanna
  • Michael Koenigs
  • Sara Lahat
    Jordan River Village, Israel
  • Kara Lewis
    Flying Horse Farms, OH
  • Sue McDiarmid MD
  • Jill Mullen
  • Priya Narang
  • Tatiana Nourissat-Rosenfeld
    L’Envol, France
  • Serena Porcari
    Dynamo Camp, Italy
  • Kingdar Prussien
    The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, CT
  • Kenichiro Sasaki
    Solaputi Kids’ Camp, Japan
  • Sunil Suhas Solomon
  • Matt Teeters
    Roundup River Ranch, CO
  • Laura Tyson
  • Carole Watkins
  • Janet (Jan) Booth Zide


  • Joanne Woodward


  • David W. Horvitz
  • Raymond Lamontagne
  • John E. Marshall III
  • Robert J. Rukeyser

Camp CEOs

  • The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp
    James Canton
  • Camp Boggy Creek

    Dr. Dan Jurman, DMin
  • Double H Ranch
    New York

    Eileen Nash (interim)
  • Flying Horse Farms

    Nichole Dunn 
  • The Painted Turtle

    Chris Butler
  • Victory Junction
    North Carolina

    Chad Coltrane
  • North Star Reach

    David Leckey (interim)
  • Camp Korey

    Jay Henningsen
  • Solaputi Kids’ Camp

    Kenichiro Sasaki
  • Roundup River Ranch

    Sarah Johnson
  • Barretstown

    Dee Ahearn
  • Bátor Tábor

    Erna Kindli
  • Dynamo Camp

    Serena Porcari
  • L’Envol

    Joanna Jammes
  • Jordan River Village

    Shalom Ashkenazi
  • Over the Wall
    United Kingdom

    Kevin Mathieson

Our Team

The Support Center: The Hub of The Network

The camps and programs that make up SeriousFun Children’s Network receive critical support services to help them positively impact the lives of children and families facing serious illness. Our Support Center in Westport, CT raises awareness of the Network’s global mission and fundraises in support of our camps and programs around the world. In addition, we foster the responsible development of new camps, administer a peer review process to ensure that high standards of programmatic and medical quality are met, and encourage the sharing of ideas across the Network.

Contact Us

SeriousFun Support Center
230 East Ave, Suite 107
Norwalk, CT 06855

203-562-1203 (phone)
203-341-8707 (fax)

Support Center Staff

Executive, Finance & Operations

  • Blake Maher 
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Justin Fusaro
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Kelly Elliott
    Director, Operations & Strategy
  • Cori Maymin
    Accounting Manager
  • Michelle Cleary
    Executive Assistant & Administrative Manager
  • Jessalyn Griffin
    Associate Director, Human Resources
  • Patty Middlebrook
  • Jackie Mendoza
    Finance Associate


  • Tara Fisher
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Ann Gillard PhD
    Research and Evaluation Advisor
  • Nicole Lyons
    Senior Manager, Digital Engagement
  • Ralph Ruta
    Senior Design Manager
  • Sarah Luft
    Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications


  • Clea Newman-Soderlund
  • Sandra Hijikata
    Chief Development Officer
  • Lauren Johnson
    Director, Corporate Partnerships
  • Jessica Summers
    Director, Major and Individual Giving
  • Meredith Lynch
    Associate Director, Corporate Partnerships
  • Kate O’Connor
    Associate Director, Institutional Giving
  • Aline O’Connor
    Senior Manager, Events
  • Stephanie Hartnett
    Senior Manager, Development Support
  • Keena Hutchinson
    Senior Manager, Development Operations

Program Services

  • Samantha Clark
    Associate Director, Learning & Education
  • Haley Fletcher Bethune
    Director, Learning & Education
  • Kate Manickas
    Associate Director, Learning & Education,
  • Jacqueline Longo Bilotto
    Associate Director, Learning & Education

  • Tim Bethune
    Director, Programs & Growth
  • Mary Silvia
    Associate Director, Programs & Strategic Growth
  • Rebecca Egan
    Senior Manager, Programs & Growth
  • Olga Duchniewska
    Program Associate


  • Laura Blaisdell MD/MPH, FAAP
    Medical Advisor
  • Emo Castle BS, RN
    Nursing Advisor

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