Good Old-Fashioned,
Confidence-Building Fun.

Our programs are more than just fun. They’re purposefully designed to foster independence, resilience and personal growth, helping children to see beyond the limits of their medical conditions and experience all that life can offer.

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This is SeriousFun

Together, we empower children with serious illnesses and their families to reimagine what is possible by creating inclusive camp and recreational experiences, inspiring confidence and joy, and building community and connection.

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Truly a global network, we reach beyond borders and beyond the limitations of illness.

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How the Fun Began

More than 30 years ago, Paul Newman started a free camp where kids could escape the fear and isolation of their medical conditions and, in his words, “raise a little hell.” This remarkable concept sparked a quiet movement, and that one camp launched a global network. Today, there are 30 camps and programs serving the needs of children and families around the world.

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life-changing impact

Our camps are more than just fun — they’re life changing. The moments created at camp have improved self-esteem, social skills and more. It’s true. SeriousFun makes a difference!