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Paul Newman Inspires Joy, Hope & Generosity

Blake Maher
Chief Executive Officer

Today is a very special day for our SeriousFun family. January 26th is the birthday of our founder, Paul Newman. Each year, this day is a time to celebrate all the joy, hope, and generosity that Paul has inspired around the world. It is also a time to reflect on the role that YOU and many others have played in keeping his legacy alive and delivering the life-changing experience of camp to children living with serious illnesses.

SFCN008 Paul with fishing gear (2)
“For campers to have the opportunity to store a measure of good feeling and hope and bonding that helps to carry them through the bad times — I think is no small contribution.”
– Paul Newman

As we begin a new year, January 26th is the perfect time to envision and commit to the life-changing impact made by creating more opportunities for belonging, friendship, and adventure for kids who face so much adversity. Your support makes these opportunities a reality!

Through the last 24 months of global crisis, YOU have been a shining light of optimism and encouragement for campers, families, caregivers, and staff. You are what makes this January 26th—which would have been Paul Newman’s 97th birthday—so significant. You are the reason this day can be a new beginning, because through you and with you we can accomplish anything.

With sincere gratitude,


Blake Maher

SeriousFun CEO

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