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In many low-resource countries around the world, the medical and psychosocial needs of children living with serious illness are often outside of what local services can provide. Often, the medical needs of children are not met, personal and community knowledge about the illness and treatments are lacking, and the children and their families are marginalized due to the stigma of the condition.

Working in collaboration with trusted international organizations in 12 countries, SeriousFun’s develops programs to provide the educational and social support needed to help children living with serious illnesses, namely HIV, adhere to their treatments and remain healthy long after camp is over.

The programs offer the same life-changing experience that children who attend a SeriousFun Camp in the U.S., Europe, Japan, or Israel get, but in the form of locally-designed, culturally-applicable programs that excite, inspire and empower children, wherever they live.


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Family Camp for Mothers and their Children living with HIV
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The Promise of Camp
For children with HIV/AIDS, the free camp experience offered through SeriousFun fosters adherence to medications, promotes hope, resilience and confidence.
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SeriousFun Partner Programs on the Frontlines
During this time of crisis, many of SeriousFun's trusted partners are working on the frontlines and supporting the communities in their regions.
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The Power of Camp is in All of Us
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Marking a Milestone: A Decade of Sivivane Camp
We are proudly celebrating a decade of Sivivane Camp—a SeriousFun Partner Program operated in collaboration with Young Heroes, a non-profit organization in Eswatini.
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SeriousFun on World AIDS Day
On the 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day, we could not be more proud to be part of the amazing work being done all around the world to help children living with HIV and AIDS see beyond the stigma of their illness and envision a life full of possibility.
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Global Partnerships: A World of Good
SeriousFun's Associate Director of Global Partnerships & Programs, Mary Silvia, is creating stronger support systems for children and caregivers in low-resource areas around the world. She shares how.
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Reaching New Heights
The power of camp is delivered through the skills and strength of the counselors and facilitators who run our unique programs.
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Partners with a Common Goal: The Power of Camp in Africa
Learn how BIPAI and SeriousFun are teaming up to provide camp as an intervention for children living with serious illnesses throughout Africa.
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