Image for Exceptional Medical Care (In Disguise)

Exceptional Medical Care (In Disguise)

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Many people are surprised to learn that, at SeriousFun medical specialty camps, you will not find doctors and nurses in white coats and scrubs, and you’re not likely to find a building that looks like a hospital.

What you will find are highly-skilled medical specialists in camp shorts and flip-flops, donning silly accessories like quirky hats, oversized sunglasses and tutus. And, instead of a hospital, you will find a cabin that is actually a state-of-the-art medical facility stocked with medical supplies and equipment to provide urgent, emergent, and routine care to all campers, with a seriously fun name like the “Body Shop,” or “Well Shell,” or “Patch.”

The extraordinary commitment by our medical teams to understanding and meeting the unique medical needs of each child “in disguise” ensures that campers can enjoy their experiences without feeling burdened by overt medical attention. 

The photo below is from a winter session I participated in at Double H Ranch, and (even though it’s a little blurry!) I think it does a great job of illustrating what that kind of freedom can look like for a camper, in this case one who requires respiratory assistance through a ventilator 24 hours a day.

What you see is a delighted camper, skiing down a mountain with the assistance of an adaptive ski instructor. What you don’t see are all of the complex components and tubing of her ventilator, carefully tucked inside her sit ski, or the countless hours that the medical team devoted to devising a safe and effective way for her to ski.

You also may not realize that those unassuming adults skiing nearby are actually medical team members, one of whom is a respiratory therapist whose backpack is stocked with emergency supplies. Although they are staying a safe distance away to let the camper experience independence, they are closely monitoring her descent, ready to intervene at a moment’s notice if needed. Thanks to their dedication, this camper was able to spend a day on the mountain filled with laughter, smiles, and pure joy!

At SeriousFun camps, we embrace a philosophy of saying “yes.” This commitment is not without its challenges, and often goes unnoticed because, well, that’s the point! I appreciate this opportunity to highlight how the tireless efforts and compassionate care of the medical staff at SeriousFun camps truly make them unsung heroes of the camp experience.

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