Make Life Beautiful

Make Life Beautiful for Campers this Year

Our friend Logan, has a very special message he’d like to share with you this Holiday Season. Introducing Logan and his siblings, performing his original song, Make Life Beautiful.

Logan Castleton

Hi! I’m Logan! I’ve been a camper at Roundup River Ranch, the SeriousFun camp in Colorado, since 2014. I was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which basically means I have half a heart and will eventually need a transplant.

The challenges that come from my heart can be overwhelming at times, but luckily, I have my two of my favorite things to help see me through – CAMP and MUSIC!

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A SeriousFun Camper

Logan wants to Make Life Beautiful for kids living with serious illnesses and their families all around the world, and he hopes you do too!

Please take a moment to send some words of encouragement (or warm fuzzies as we call ‘em at camp) to some campers and their families today!

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