Image for Phi Tau Chapter Challenge: “Every Camp in the Country” 

Phi Tau Chapter Challenge: “Every Camp in the Country” 

Paul Newman’s fraternity, Phi Kappa Tau and SeriousFun Children’s Network have been partners for nearly three decades, and the fraternity has raised close to 2 million in donations and sent thousands of members to volunteer at SeriousFun camps in that time frame. SeriousFun is grateful for their support and knows that Paul would be proud of their efforts! 

As it did with so many other activities around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent restrictions placed on in-person camps and programs greatly impacted Phi Kappa Tau brothers’ volunteer efforts. This year, to help restore pre-pandemic volunteer momentum, PKT launched the “Every Camp in the Country.”

The goal of the challenge was to have at least one Phi Kappa Tau alumni or undergraduate volunteer at each of the 8 SeriousFun camps in the country offering summer programs this year, and they did it!

Stay tuned to see stories and photos from our Phi Tau brothers at camp this summer! As volunteers, they are making life-changing experiences for children living with serious illnesses and their families possible through their generous donation of time.


Are you a PKT who is interested in volunteering at a SeriousFun camp or bringing the “Every Camp in the Country” campaign to your campus?  Click here to fill out a Volunteer Interest Form! 

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