Zyad Winter 2019

Meet Zyad

My name is Zyad. This is my camp story. I was born with kidney failure. By the time I was two, I had already received multiple surgeries, dialysis, and a kidney transplant. And, as I grew up, I was treated differently by my friends because of my transplant, scars, and physical limitations.

But that changed when my family and I discovered camp. At camp I’m surrounded by nurses, doctors, and other volunteers who support me and make camp a place where I feel safe, supported, and am encouraged to be myself. Most importantly, I’m surrounded by friends who understand what I’m going through. My camp experience is something I carry with me wherever I go and it helps me get through the tough times. Camp is my home and I’ll cherish it forever. 

Please consider making a gift today, so that more children like Zyad can find a second home, free of judgement and limitations at camp.

Your gift, if made in 2019, can be doubled through the generosity of a matching gift of $55,000 from the Durden Family, Martin Foundation, and Werley Family!